I am proud of the fact that some of the most innovative, independent-thinking CEOs in our industry are supporting me in the upcoming SEMA election. This isn’t a social club or an old-boys network. These are today’s leaders, operating the best-run companies in our industry and market place. I’m not friends with every single one of these people, but every one of them has read my campaign materials, and believes what I believe. That SEMA needs to change, evolve and grow. That the “same old thing” isn’t good enough.

Please read through what they had to say, and decide what you think is best for our industry in the upcoming SEMA Chairman election. 

Brian Reese, CEO – Race Winning Brands, SEMA ETTN Founder & Chairman, SEMA Gen III Award Winner.

“James has spent his life and entire career focused on his passion, the automotive aftermarket. I have worked with James over the span of his career, as a member of the media, as a partner in a racing sanctioning body, as an innovator who was first to embrace the digital media and online movement, as a fellow racer, as a fellow engine builder, as an enthusiast of all things automotive, as a friend, and as an awesome father and husband to an incredible family engrossed in all things automotive enthusiasm — just like James.

James has the proven tenacity to make things happen, overcome obstacles, and drive organizational success. James is a capable leader, a proven negotiator, an innovative thinker, a competitor, and a champion of all things automotive. As a fellow business owner and CEO, James personally understands the needs and challenges facing member companies, equipping him best to lead SEMA with focus on best serving member companies. James’ life literally revolves around our beloved automotive aftermarket.

I most sincerely believe James is best equipped to lead SEMA to new levels of success in serving member companies and preserving the success potential of this industry.  If you want to ensure SEMA provides the most possible value to your company and focuses on what is best for members, you’ll vote for James Lawrence.”

Jon Pulli, CEO, Turn 14, 2018 SEMA Warehouse Distributor of the Year, SEMA 2018 Gen-III Innovator of the Year

“I endorse James Lawrence for Chairman of SEMA Board of Directors because he has a rare mixture of genuine industry enthusiasm and understanding combined with the experience and fortitude necessary to deliver change.”

Bill Bader, CEO – Norwalk Raceway Park, NHRA Track of the Year, NHRA Person of the Year

“I’ve had the privilege of working with James Lawrence… Most recently, I served with James on a PRI Task Force committee member. In every instance, James exhibited clarity, understanding and vision.  James recognizes the challenges facing our industry and is uniquely qualified to lead you and I into the future. Targeting and motivating youth is a core competency James understands and believes in. I respect, support and believe in James Lawrence for SEMA Chairman.”

Jeff Leonard – CEO, Classic Industries, SEMA/ARMO Hall of Fame

“James Lawrence is one of the few people that understands the complexities that face our industry in today’s world. Every segment of the automotive industry will be touched and forever changed by legislature and technology. With politics playing a significant role in our future, we need leadership that will fight for the rights of every SEMA member and help secure a future that doesn’t eliminate collector cars, the racing industry, accessories and other significant segments of our industry.

That’s why I am strongly endorsing James Lawrence for SEMA Chairman. With his many years of experience working closely with a with a wide variety of automotive companies in various segments of the industry, he knows the challenges we all face. More than ever, we need strong leadership and someone who isn’t afraid to express opinions and take action. Vote for James Lawrence as SEMA Chairman and we will all benefit having the right person at the right time.”

Nick Niakan, CEO – aFe, Innovator/Technology Entrepreneur of the Year, Owner, 23 U.S. Patents

“James Lawrence is a breath of fresh air to the automotive industry, and he will lead SEMA in the right direction. James is not a politician, but a true gear head, passionate about cars and racing. He will focus on how to get the aftermarket automotive businesses thriving again, and most importantly, he will lead the charge. With looming regulatory issues, expanding new technologies, and declining involvement from our younger generations, we need someone who is dedicated to converting ideas into reality. We need someone who can get things done, and not just give us a lip service. Please help me so we can get James Lawrence elected as SEMA chairman to make things happen!”

BJ Birtwell, CEO – The Armory, SEMA Youth Engagement Task Force, Former President/Owner – TORC Racing Series

“The way automotive enthusiasts customize their cars and transact on those products is changing at an alarming pace. Legacy aftermarket performance will continue to shrink as the industry moves into the new age of battery-driven performance and autonomous vehicle technologies. This is real, and happening now. Without radical change, many members will find their businesses dramatically impacted at best, irrelevant at worst.  This industry is long overdue for a wakeup call. We must change the way we think and immerse ourselves in the future.

James Lawrence is just the kind of change we need. He understands the roots and sensitivities of where the industry has been while staying savvy to how to leverage the disruption that is happening now for members’ best interest. If you are ready to be led strategically and effectively through the inevitable change at your doorstep, vote for James Lawrence.

Chris Alston Sr – Founder & CEO, Chassisworks

“It’s time for change. We need fresh leadership. We are watching our industry with all these problems, and if we’re not careful, it’s going to be gone. I’ve known James Lawrence for more than 20 years. Always did what he told me he was going to do. And he’s not afraid to get things straightened out and get the right people in the right places. James Lawrence has my vote.”

Steve Wolcott, CEO – ProMedia, Former SEMA Board of Director, SEMA Media Person of the Year.

“James Lawrence and I co-founded the NMRA Ford Nationals series in 1999 and later purchased the NMCA Muscle Car Nationals series in 2003. We worked hard to ensure they were the #1 street / strip muscle car series in the U.S. James has in-depth knowledge of the entire motorsports industry as a promoter, businessman, and racer. SEMA and PRI need leaders like James to help motorsports grow and prosper in an era where so many things we took for granted are changing or are under attack.”

Wes Buck, CEO – Drag Illustrated, SEMA Media Person of the Year,

“As a fellow champion of the sport of drag racing, and a competitor in the media landscape, I appreciate and respect James’ passion for our sport and dedication to its future. The idea of drag racing’s health and wellness being front-of-mind within SEMA’s top office is as exciting as it is comforting. I support James for SEMA Chairman.”

Anderson Dick, CEO – FuelTech

“I have watched James’ industry relationships and extensive business knowledge help many companies, including FuelTech, establish and grow their businesses. I firmly believe there is no greater leader for SEMA.”

Eric Dillard, Pro Line Racing, Multi-Time NHRA Winner, Record Holder

“James Lawrence has always had a vision to elevate things to a new level, sometimes beyond what most people thought was possible. ProLine has been fortunate enough to be a partners with James in his racing efforts, but our relationship goes beyond that. He has a strong knack for business and understanding our industry. For SEMA and PRI, James’ ability to create real opportunities and growth in our marketplace will be a big win. I support James for SEMA Chairman.”