In 5 days, SEMA member companies will get the opportunity to vote for a SEMA Chairman in the upcoming SEMA election. ☑️

We have two very different, but well-qualified candidates. (Hint: I’m one of them!)…. Both candidates have sufficient experience (I have 25 years of industry experience, and the salt-and-pepper hair to prove it.), solid credentials, and recommendations and endorsements from eminently well-qualified industry leaders. Both candidates are passionate and automotive enthusiasts.

So, what’s the difference and who should you choose?

I’d like to respectfully ask for your consideration and vote for 4 reasons.

  1. We need a SEMA Chairman that is willing to question the status quo, take action, and drive change. I believe that the automotive performance industry and SEMA member companies are at a pivotal moment. This is not the time to do the things the way that they’ve always been done. If I am elected Chairman, myself and the fellow SEMA Board members will roll up our sleeves and get to work. We will do our job – to improve SEMA and lead this industry with relentless passion and energy.
  2. Technology, Motorsports and Youth Engagement are three mission-critical areas for the new SEMA. I believe I am the candidate that is most experienced and best qualified in these three critical zones to lead SEMA’s strategic plans. It’s not enough to talk about it. This isn’t about buzz-words. This is about innovation, outreach and modernization. I’ve proven throughout my career that I understand technology, know the motorsports community well, and can reach the younger demographic using next-generation tools, media, and technology.
  3. SEMA needs a vision and a strategic plan. A bullet pointed list of credentials and experience aren’t enough from your SEMA Chairman. It’s vital that we elect a SEMA Chairman with a driven vision for the future, and the will to implement a long-term strategic plan working with the SEMA Board of Directors. Long-term plans require discipline, drive, and dynamic leadership. Throughout my career, I’m proud to say I’ve driven innovation and a visionary playbook for organizations I’ve lead. As your SEMA Chairman, my commitment to our members would be to develop, communicate, and implement that badly needed long-term strategic plan.
  4. Candor and Transparency. SEMA members deserve better clarity into what SEMA’s senior leadership and the SEMA Board is working on. This will help focus the process of change and allow for one primary focus – helping our industry thrive so that its members, businesses, racers, enthusiasts, and fans can rest assured that there will be a strong future. As Chairman, I will promise our members that we will be more transparent about SEMA’s core initiatives, projects, and priorities, and will develop a strategic plan for SEMA that is public and shared with the membership and SEMA’s volunteers.

I believe my background, experience, and career demonstrate that I am the the best candidate to tackle the above mission critical initiatives. And I am the only candidate who has laid out a detailed vision and plan to do so.

I respectfully and humbly ask for your support to lead SEMA into the future as SEMA Chairman with energy and passion.

James Lawrence