The voting period for SEMA members to elect a new SEMA Chairman and new SEMA Board Members is underway (May 14 – 28, 2019). The primary contact for each SEMA member company will receive an electronic ballot and be asked to vote for a SEMA Chairman. 

I deeply appreciate all of your support that I have received throughout this campaign and I respectfully ask for your vote.  Please do your research – read up on your candidates on SEMA’s election site, and make an educated choice.

There is an excellent slate, but each has a very different view on the future, on youth engagement, motorsports, and on the improvements that should be made to SEMA. Some feel that change and progress is needed within the association, while others have a more conservative, steady-as-she-goes approach. Either way… please learn the candidates plan for SEMA.

Let me first say that I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read about my platform, provide feedback and suggestions, and hear out my vision for a new SEMA. Without the direct support of the automotive aftermarket and motorsports community, and a strong board of directors, none of this would be possible. Thank you for being a part of this process and for your trust as I hope to lead and protect our industry into a stronger future. 

When you cast your vote during the election, please remember how important it is that we get moving on these important initiatives: 

1) Youth Engagement: Recent efforts are encouraging. I believe we must prioritize, invest, and grow our youth engagement initiatives substantially. We must tap not just SEMA’s resources, but that of the entire industry, and our SEMA members and PRI community must be called to action. Young drivers are less interested in cars than ever before, and autonomous vehicles and electrification are likely to impact our industry. It’s vital we get moving. 

2) Motorsports & Racing: As the owner of the Performance Racing Industry trade show, SEMA has a tremendous opportunity in motorsports to organize, harness and grow this community. With the risks facing the street performance market, the growth of the global motorsports market is more important than ever. As Chairman, I would work together with the Board to provide additional support and growth opportunities to the Motorsports communities. 

3) Regulations/Emissions: We need to consider a more active approach in the future: (1) Working with government affairs and agencies to help them understand how to intelligently and fairly regulate and enforce existing laws; (2) more aggressively informing and assisting SEMA member companies with emissions and street performance-compliance; (3) continuing to smooth the path for getting parts approved. 

4) Harnessing the Power of the SEMA/PRI Membership/Community: We have a community with hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of members, builders, racers, and fans, that love cars and enjoy modifying them. We must find a way to cohesively motivate this community to make a difference by voting, communicating to our political representatives, growing motorsports and increasing young engagement activity. It takes a village, and we have one, but we must unify our community and get them on the field. 

5) Trade Shows: At our core, SEMA operates two very well-run trade shows: the SEMA Show and PRI Trade Show. I’d like us to continue to invest in our number-one asset and consider growing and expanding SEMA’s automotive-related trade and consumers shows. SEMA knows how to run trade shows and can double down in the automotive, motorsports, and enthusiast show business. 

Let’s do this together, and let’s help SEMA secure the future of the automotive industry. Thank you for considering me for SEMA Chair. I respectfully and humbly ask for your support to lead SEMA with energy and passion.