Thank you to the many leaders of our industry that support and endorse James Lawrence’s efforts to change and improve SEMA. Please support and vote for James Lawrence in the upcoming SEMA Chairman election May 14-28, 2019.

Anderson Dick – CEO, FuelTech

“I have watched James’ industry relationships and extensive business knowledge help many companies, including FuelTech, establish and grow their businesses. I firmly believe there is no greater leader for SEMA.”

Jay Jones – President, The Market Connection

“James Lawrence has played a key leadership role in the aftermarket automotive industry for several years.  Both a visionary and exceptional communicator, James launched a highly successful automotive media company while continuing to interact directly with influencers in the performance automotive segment.
He has proven he is not afraid to “roll up his sleeves and dig in,” while he has the ability to be eloquent and highly relatable with the ‘community’ which shares our automotive passion.  James Lawrence is a great choice for the next person Chairing the SEMA organization.”

Fletcher Cox, Cox Racing, NFL Super Bowl Champion

“Having James as a leader in our motorsports community is a really big deal. He has passion, people skills, and a work ethic second to none. I support James for SEMA Chairman.”

BJ Birtwell, President, The Armory

“The way automotive enthusiasts customize their cars and transact on those products is changing at an alarming pace. Legacy aftermarket performance will continue to shrink as the industry moves into the new age of battery-driven performance and autonomous vehicle technologies. This is real, and happening now. Without radical change, many members will find their businesses dramatically impacted at best, irrelevant at worst.  This industry is long overdue for a wakeup call. We must change the way we think and immerse ourselves in the future.
James Lawrence is just the kind of change we need. He understands the roots and sensitivities of where the industry has been while staying savvy to how to leverage the disruption that is happening now for members’ best interest. If you are ready to be led strategically and effectively through the inevitable change at your doorstep, vote for James Lawrence. “

Brian Lohnes, NHRA & Bangshift

“Anyone who loves cars and the things that surround them like the culture, the fun, the history, and the industry, needs to understand that the most dangerous words in the English language are: “That’s the way we’ve always done it.

Resignation to the same old approach, the same old gripes, and the same old methods is akin to waving the white flag on our future. Not acceptable.

I’m glad that James Lawrence is running for SEMA Chairman and I’m supporting him because I think that he can have a positive impact.”

Ken Warner, VP, Mickey Thompson Tires

“I’ve known James Lawrence for just under 20 years! His knowledge of the aftermarket and dedication is unparalleled, I trust and have confidence that James is the right person for SEMA Chairman. I believe that James can bring positive change to what all of us aftermarket manufacturers need in these current challenging times.”

Bill Holland, President, Holland Communications

“I have had a working relationship with James Lawrence throughout most of his 20+ year rise in the industry, and always admired his energy and work ethic. 

He definitely has his finger on the pulse of the aftermarket, and has the skill-sets needed to help lead SEMA in these critical years to come. He gets things done. I support James for SEMA Chairman.”

Chris Alston Sr., CEO, Chris Alston Chassisworks

“It’s time for change. We need fresh leadership. We are watching our industry with all these problems, and if we’re not careful, it’s going to be gone. I’ve known James Lawrence for more than 20 years. 

Always did what he told me he was going to do. And he’s not afraid to get things straightened out and get the right people in the right places. James Lawrence has my vote.”

Jeff Leonard, CEO, Classic Industries

“The automotive landscape is changing rapidly and technology is threatening the very existence of the industry as we know it.  Any company in the business of manufacturing and supplying automotive parts and accessories will be affected by these changes. The ability to recognize change, and act on our behalf is going to fall on the shoulders of those few individuals that know how to make a difference. 

James Lawrence is one of the few people that understands the complexities that face us in today’s world.

Every segment of the automotive industry will be touched and forever changed by legislature and technology. With politics playing a significant role in our future, we need leadership that will fight for the rights of every SEMA member and help secure a future that doesn’t eliminate collector cars, the racing industry, accessories and other significant segments of our industry. We as SEMA members need to unify and stand up to the legislators that are constantly trying to restrain and suppress the automotive hobby and our livelihood. We look to those leaders who are willing to confront these issues and fight for us. 

That’s why I am strongly endorsing James Lawrence for SEMA Chairman. With his many years of experience working closely with a with a wide variety of automotive companies in various segments of the industry, he knows the challenges we all face. More than ever, we need strong leadership and someone who isn’t afraid to express opinions and take action. Vote for James Lawrence as SEMA Chairman and we will all benefit having the right person at the right time.”

Bill Bader, CEO, Summit Raceway Park

“I’ve had the privilege of working with James Lawrence… as a television producer, marketing partner, promoter and race participant. Most recently, I served with James on a PRI Task Force committee member. In every instance, James exhibited clarity, understanding and vision. 

James recognizes the challenges facing our industry and is uniquely qualified to lead you and I into the future. Targeting and motivating youth is a core competency James understands and believes in. 

I respect, support and believe in James Lawrence for SEMA Chairman.”

Dennis Pittsenbarger, TV Host, Actor

“It’s my opinion that if SEMA and the automotive aftermarket is to survive and grow into the future we need people like James Lawrence to be the tip of the spear.

In my eyes, he can to cut through the politics and behind-doors stuff to actually make a big difference. We need someone who looks past the varied opinions and arguments, and gets people to come together based on their love of the automobile. And that’s what matters.

Personally, I have argued, bitched at… and been bitched at by James and it’s one of the main reasons I will work with him, for as long as he will have me be part of his media outlets… he is real and what you see is what you get. SEMA desperately need this straight forwardness leading our ranks. That’s why James has my vote for SEMA Chairman. He should have yours, too.”

Jon Pulli, CEO, Turn 14

“I endorse James Lawrence for Chairman of SEMA Board of Directors because he has a rare mixture of genuine industry enthusiasm and understanding combined with the experience and fortitude necessary to deliver change.” 

David Miller, NC Motorsports Association

“In working with James Lawrence on the PRI Task Force.. it has been an exercise in efficiency. 

His direction and management of a diverse group of committee participants has been impressive. In addition, his industry expertise, depth of industry knowledge and thoughtful insight have visibly demonstrated his ability to lead SEMA.
I fully support James Lawrence for SEMA Chairman.”

Jason Sakurai, Roadhouse Marketing

“If James Lawrence becomes SEMA Chairman, it won’t be because of my endorsement but your recognition of someone who is passionate about the automotive industry, leads by example, and has the desire to make things happen.

He and I have not always agreed, but this is even more important when you are tasked with representing a group as large and diverse as the members of SEMA are. James has our best interests in mind, and this makes him uniquely qualified to reach difficult decisions in order for our segment of the industry to move forward.”

Nick Niakan – CEO, aFe

“James Lawrence is a breath of fresh air to the automotive industry, and he will lead SEMA in the right direction. James is not a politician, but a true gearhead, passionate about cars and racing. He will focus on how to get the aftermarket automotive businesses thriving again, and most importantly, he will lead the charge. 

With looming regulatory issues, expanding new technologies, and declining involvement from our younger generations, we need someone who is dedicated to converting ideas into reality. We need someone who can get things done, and not just give us a lip service. Please help me so we can get James Lawrence elected as SEMA chairman to make things happen!”

Luanne Brown, CEO – eTool

“I am happy to recommend James Lawrence for our new SEMA Chairman of the Board. What I like about James is the fact that he developed his business online. Additionally, he understands the value of keeping the sport of racing alive and has dedicated his business towards that goal. 

He is one that can bring a new direction on the Board. For these reasons, I will be voting for James. We need someone who can shake it up. I highly recommend him.”

Jason Miller, MBP Productions

“James Lawrence is a true innovator of this sport. At times, when I need a sounding board for future direction, I have often called James for his opinion as he always has a grasp on where this sport is going and what the next best thing is. 

I believe in James vision for motorsports, SEMA, and PRI — I strongly endorse James for SEMA Chairman.”

Sean Crawford, Race Winning Brands

“As an automotive enthusiast, racer and business owner, James Lawrence understands our industry’s needs and the challenges we all face today. 

I endorse James Lawrence as our next Chairman of SEMA.” 

Jeff Anderson, Moser Engineering

“To those who look to the future I would like to take a moment to offer my thoughts on why I believe James Lawrence is the right candidate for SEMA Chairman. If you know me personally then you most likely have heard me talk about key people in our industry who legitimately make a difference. James has been making a difference for over 20 years. And instead of me telling you now why I think he is perfect let me share a couple points of recommendation I wrote on his behalf years ago:

I feel I am giving our competition a leg up by revealing the depth of this partnership but in this industry, we must recognize those who help us succeed. It is easy for me to write this recommendation for James …. I feel I am paying it forward with James by doing this. In this small business world where everyone knows each other and our reputations follow us, James is sure to have a bright future for many years to come. Take his advice and adapt it to your product or service…you will not regret it.

Often times while attending or displaying at the largest of industry trade shows …or while sitting in a suite at a racing venue … I discuss ideas and trends in the industry with many experts. I can honestly say I have never met a person who has such a deep understanding of the digital age and the dynamics at play.

Those words written then still apply today. He has a measurable track record that delivered and changed how his competition worked. He did then and even now continues to influence our industry. James has a handle on where this industry is headed and I feel we would all do well to listen to his input and act upon it. James Lawrence has my vote for SEMA Chair and my vote of confidence.”

Eric Dillard – Pro Line Racing

“James Lawrence has always had a vision to elevate things to a new level, sometimes beyond what most people thought was possible. ProLine has been fortunate enough to be a partners with James in his racing efforts, but our relationship goes beyond that. He has a strong knack for business and understanding our industry. For SEMA and PRI, James’ ability to create real opportunities and growth in our marketplace will be a big win. I support James for SEMA Chairman.”

Kent Bradley, Performance Business Media

“As a business owner, father, race car driver, and active supporter of SEMA, James has the knowledge and determination to stand on the gas and bring ideas to life. I endorse James Lawrence for SEMA Chairman!”

Nate Tovey, TREMEC

“Over the course of nearly fifteen years, I have come to know James in a number of capacities—as an employee, customer, and friend. Regardless of context, I can say with resolute certainty that he is one of the most ambitious and dedicated professionals that I have ever encountered. 

The fact that he seeks to apply his unwavering love of all-things automotive to the position of SEMA Chair is a gift that all members should embrace. He has my most enthusiastic endorsement.”

Wes Buck, Drag Illustrated

“As a fellow champion of the sport of drag racing, and a competitor in the media landscape, I appreciate and respect James’ passion for our sport and dedication to its future. The idea of drag racing’s health and wellness being front-of-mind within SEMA’s top office is as exciting as it is comforting. I support James for SEMA Chairman.” 

Scott Parker, VP, Power Automedia

“I work closely with James everyday, and I can’t think of a better person to serve as SEMA Chairman. He takes nothing for granted. He is always looking for a better way, never afraid to change his own approach to a problem. And his communication skills are second to none. 

We need someone that can actually inspire change at SEMA. This is an industry built on passion, and you won’t find anyone with more passion for this hobby than James. How many other CEOs spend their weekends tuning a 3,000 horsepower race car? However, it is leadership that sets him apart. He has not only the vision to see the path ahead, but the drive and the skill to bring us all with him.”

Brian Reese, CEO, Race Winning Brands

“I have known James for close to 20 years. Like most SEMA member company owners, James has spent his life and entire career focused on his passion, the automotive aftermarket. 

I have worked with James over the span of his career, as a member of the media, as a partner in a racing sanctioning body, as an innovator who was first to embrace the digital media and online movement, as a fellow racer, as a fellow engine builder, as an enthusiast of all things automotive, as a friend, and as an awesome father and husband to an incredible family engrossed in all things automotive enthusiasm — just like James. 

I watched James found and build an innovative business centered around the automotive aftermarket, starting from scratch and building to success, one block at a time. 

James has the proven tenacity to make things happen, overcome obstacles, and drive organizational success. James is a capable leader, a proven negotiator, an innovative thinker, a competitor, and a champion of all things automotive. 

As a fellow business owner and CEO, James personally understands the needs and challenges facing member companies, equipping him best to lead SEMA with focus on best serving member companies. James’ life literally revolves around our beloved automotive aftermarket. 

I most sincerely believe James is best equipped to lead SEMA to new levels of success in serving member companies and preserving the success potential of this industry. 

If you want to ensure SEMA provides the most possible value to your company and focuses on what is best for members, you’ll vote for James.”

Andrew Voudouris, Turn 5

“James Lawrence is an innovator in incorporating technology into our industry. He has a deep, personal passion for the aftermarket, understands the impact of technology on our industry, and will lead our organization in the right direction. 

I believe he is a strong choice for SEMA chairman.”

Ashley van Dyke, AVD Motorsports 

“SEMA needs strong leadership now – someone with a true vision of the future based on business experience, racing experience, and a love of the automobile. James Lawrence is that leader, and I will stand by his side to help fight for our rights to modify and race cars while engaging the next generation of car fanatics. If you are a SEMA voter, I need you to vote James for SEMA. We appreciate your greatly needed support!”

Jason Snyder, R&R Marketing

“I’ve been a customer, co-worker, business partner, and friend of James Lawrence dating back to 2003. I know him pretty well and If there’s one character trait of James that stands out, it’s the undying commitment to accomplish something.

He doesn’t back down to challenges and when he sets his mind to it, he sees it through. SEMA has needed people like James to help guide the future of the aftermarket – people that challenge when challenge is necessary and refuse to acquiesce to the old guard. 

I believe he and some recent additions to the board have caught the attention of the industry in their short tenure. We need to continue supporting these contenders to help protect and guide our industry through current and challenges that lie ahead.” 

Ed Zinke, Publisher, Power Automedia

“Passion in the automobile is the foundation that runs deep with every enthusiast and person participating in the performance aftermarket that makes our industry uniquely special. And in these times when that passion is be attacked like never before it takes a person of unequaled dedication and commitment to lead the SEMA organization in embracing change and finding new ways to overcome obstacles for a bright future with growth in all areas. James Lawrence is that person.

That passion I see and participate in firsthand daily through James’ dedicated caring leadership of team members. Deeply entrenched in an organizational culture of passion in the automobile by collectively driven members that embrace sharing and mentoring to achieve the very best results by and for all. Unafraid of change to be relevant for the times and to provide the very best final products to make an enduring mark on the automotive world are the cornerstones that James instills into each contributing member. 

These are the passion in the automotive attributes that James Lawrence lives everyday in every endeavor making him a great choice to lead SEMA members and why I support him for SEMA Chairman.”